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Your Bridal Boudoir Session







You're getting married -- congratulations!  

What an amazing time in your life.  Like so many brides, you may want to gift your groom with something amazing, something to mark the beginning of your journey together. There can be nothing more personal (or exciting) than a Bridal Boudoir Session. 

As with all of our sessions, we'll guide you every step of the way -- outfits, makeup, hair. We'll make sure everything is in place for you to have a fabulous experience that culminates in a beautiful photo album for you to present to your partner.   

This is really such a mutli-faceted gift; there's the fun of planning and shopping for your shoot; then of course, there's the shoot where you'll be pampered and have a great time being a star for the day. Then you get to see your images; help design your album and the pièce de résistance -- you present the album to your groom!  Wow!  We've actually received emails from husbands while on their honeymoon thanking us!  Give us a call and let's plan your Bridal Boudoir shoot.

Bridal Boudoir Sessions start at $950. Professional hair, make-up, planning & styling consultation, wardrobe changes, shoot and product are all included!