Strike a pose! Looking great in photos

Yes you can love the way you look in photographs, all it takes is a little practice and some good tips. Ive complied a few of the best industry secrets for you and they don't include 'saying cheese' -- we'll save that for the crackers & wine.

It's all about the chin

Pushing your chin and forehead forward might feel awkward but in photos it looks great. It outlines your jawline and gives your face a lovely little lift. In photography one of our main mantras is, 'chin out'.  Marilyn perfected the chin out look. 

Angle Angle Angle

An old red carpet secret - turn your body about 45 degrees to the side, swivel your shoulders to the camera, plant one foot slightly in front of the other and place all of your weight on the back leg. All at once you look slimmer and taller. Place your hand on your hip and bend slightly at the elbow and viola - instant glamour! *Note if you have a shorter torso, place your hand lower than your actual waist.

Blink Blink Blink away

If you tend to have closed or partially closed eyes in your photos simply close your eyes right before the photo is being taken and open them right before the camera clicks. Closed eyes are a thing of the past. 

Sitting pretty

When seated sit tall, liek a ballerina. Imagine someone pulling you up from the crown of your head lenthning and elongagting your spine - there you have it. 

Hands and fingers

Keep your hands soft, try not to clench or fold your fingers.  Your full set of hands and fingers is the goal here. A little note, the most flattering part of our hands is the outside - see the photo above. Lovely.

We're living in a selfie world

Use the selfie to your advantage - take a few shots, practice your smile and see which angle of your face you like best. You can do the same thing in your mirror. It's really not at all odd - it's called practice and practice makes perfect.

So have your picture taken - enjoy it, smile and love who your are. Be your own kind of beautiful! xo