A little something different. . .

Over the past few weeks Ive had some beautiful (non-professional) models come to the studio so I could experiment with different lighting and poses. It was a conscious decision not to use professional models because at the studio we are all about real people, about showing up as you are and embracing your beauty in whatever way that shows up for you. 

I am so grateful for these two beautiful ladies who stepped up to model for me in all their real, natural and beautiful ways. As a creative person it's so important to stay inspired and for me, that sometimes means trying out different things - actually, that always means trying out different things like the Power Photography a few months ago and our foray into flowers in April and now this. 

Ive always been drawn to black and white photography; I use it a lot with my maternity clients. So, having the chance to 'play' with lights and posing was really great fun.

Here are a few favorite shots from two different shoots.