Personal Branding - What's It All About?

The phrase “Personal Branding” is taking on quite a life in the media and many people wonder, “What does it mean?”.  On a very simplistic level, personal branding is the impression that people have of you and your business; the vision that's left behind when you're no longer in the room.  

More and more we hear that infusing our business with "us" is the smart thing to do. It helps us to define our business in a more unique and authentic way. It gives our business something that no other business can have - you - and that's a big bonus in such a highly competitive world.  There are things that you bring into your business that can't easily be replicated by other businesses. 

Your Personal Brand, in relation to your business, is all about how you show up - online & in person.

It encompasses your web presence; social media footprint, your logo, colors, marketing materials. When you are added to the mix, as in Personal Branding, it also becomes about your story, who you are, what you believe and your why. Why you have this business, what is the value that you provide? What it's about, what does it mean to you and why should I as a client, work with you?   

Crafting your story is a worthy exploration and not something that should be done in a box. You too close to the subject to see it objectively.  And of course, the subject we're referring to here is you. 

A basic headshot used to be the norm - it was a way of putting face to your business but that's no longer sufficient. We are over-saturated with information and choices. What people are looking for now are the personal stories, things they can connect to, something they can believe in.

THis is where personal branding and personal branding photography can make your business standout.  

As you start to think about your Personal Brand here's a list of things you might want to consider:

  • Your logo - does it represent you and your business today or is it old and dated? Does it convey the right feeling, because yes, feelings matter. Are the colors right?

  • Your web site - is it fresh, up to date and providing useful information? Does it tell your story? Does it convey your message? For that matter, what is your message? Does it have current photos (we've all seen photos of people on their sites that are from the dark ages). 

  • Social Media - are you actively engaged? Have you chosen the right social media platforms for your business? Do you have a social media strategy? Do you track the results of your efforts? So many businesses are on social media because they think they have to be (and they are right) but to be effective you have to have a plan. Just being there and posting random photos is not enough. 

I hope this post has given you something to think about, or at least has your wheels beginning to turn. If you'd like to talk more about Personal Branding as it relates to your business, please give me a call. I'm passionate about branding and would love to talk to you about ways to help you build an exciting, authentic brand for your business.