Your Vision - Your Brand

Let's start with a question: "What is your brand's vision?" and then, "Why does it matter?".

For the first question, "What is your brand's vision?", I'll say this - it's everything!

Okay, I'll break that down a bit - but only a bit because it really is everything. Your brand's vision is the foundation on which everything else stands. 

Having a strong brand vision is being clear on things like:

  • Who is your ideal client/customer?
  • Where are they and how do you reach them?
  • What is your purpose, your value and your reason for being - your "why"?
  • What do you bring to your business that is different from other businesses?
  • What is your story? (And that's a big one because today, everyone looks for a story as a way to connect and believe in your business.)
  • What does success look like to you and your business?

Our business focuses on women. It's soft, feminine, fun and empowering. Our entire brand's vision is built around those concepts. Our logo, colors, web site, social media, business cards and even our Instagram page represent these values so that it's pretty clear when you see our business represented that we are all about empowering women.

Your Ideal Client Matters

There is a popular saying in business that is very true:

When you try to attract everyone,

you attract no one.

We've all been there, you're new in business, or business is slow so you start to take anyone who walks in your door. But what does that do for your brand? What does it do for your story and your voice?

Clearly defining who your Ideal Client is can be one of the most empowering exercises you ever do for your business. Defining your ideal client will:

  • Help you fine tune your marketing (because you'll know who you're marketing to)
  • Give you a voice for your social media & blogging 
  • Provide a clear picture of your "dream client" (so you'll ultimately save a lot of time marketing and networking since you'll be more focused)

What's Your Why?

Do you know why you do what you do? Why you started your business and what makes you different? Are you able to explain it in a clear, concise way? This is one of the things your clients and customers will look for. They need to know why they should select YOU over another business. 

When you have a clear understanding of your 'why' you will be more energized and able to fully live out your purpose. You'll know, and happily share, your story.

I can. I will. End of story.

What is your definition of success?  If you don't understand what success means to you, how will know when you get there? It's kind of like driving without a destination. Knowing where you are going will keep you motivated, especially on the days when things get a little challenging. We all know those days, they are inevitable, but having a clear understanding of what you want, what you desire is like the proverbial carrot - it keeps you moving. It helps you prioritize, grow and most importantly, succeed.

This post is part of an on-going series, coming up next is Your Voice - stay tuned. 

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