Too much fun?

Is it possible to have too much fun during a photo shoot. If you asked us when we were shooting our version of #Beyonce's, "Why Don't You Love Me" the answer would have been a resounding Yes! You can have too much fun, we certainly did. Who doesn't like to play dress up? So when one of our favorite Makeup Artists, Haille came to me with the idea - I was all for it.

On the day of the shoot, Haille, Kristie (another favorite makeup artist - we are so fortunate to be surrounded by such talent) and I started putting together the set. One thing lead to another, as things do and voila!

Is it terrible that one of my favorite shots from the shoot is Haille crying with smeared makeup? I love it because of the raw emotion and because it baffles me as to how someone can look so pretty with makeup smeared all over her face!

Margaret Rizzuto Photography.jpg

. . .and look at this one - this is where she'd had enough! I think Ms Haille could defnetely have a side job in acting.

Photography Shoot

Okay, one more as the lovely Haille. Did you notice the gorgeous eye makeup! We also did a quick video below that tells the story. Yes, we had fun - hope you do too!

Glamour Photography